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NY to Paris Car Show Evanston WY

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On June 19, 2018, a group of vintage cars will depart from NYC for Paris. Among the participants Jeff Mahl, Great Grandson of George Schuster (1908 winner). Participants will be taken on the ride of their lives, witnessing first-hand the world’s most extreme race. Visit original pit stops, along with historical landmarks from more than a century ago, as we retrace the original 1908 Great Auto Race route.

On June 29th we will be holding a vintage car show at our Strand Theater on historic Main street. The Lincoln Highway Association and special guest Jeff Mahl will be holding presentations during the car show.

If you would like to attend cars and people alike, admission and registration is free. Banquet is an additional fee! If you would like to participate in the car show please click on the CONTACT US tab or call us at 307-679-2707. 

(1900-1940 cars ONLY)

(Please NO HOT RODS)

Jun 29th 2018

The Evanston Car Show

On Historic Main Street